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Grzegorz Herman


phone: (+48-12) 664 75 61
fax: (+48-12) 664 66 72
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office: ul. Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Kraków
room: 3056
office hours: Wednesday 15:00 - 16:10
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curriculum vitae:en: [pdf], pl: [pdf]

research interests
computational complexity
design and implementation of programming languages
lock-free synchronization
automatic memory management

selected publications
  • Grzegorz Herman, Michael Soltys, Unambiguous functions in logarithmic space, Fundamenta Informaticae, 114 (2012) 129-147
  • Grzegorz Herman, Michael Soltys, On the Ehrenfeucht-Mycielski sequence, Journal of Discrete Algorithms, 7 (2009), 500-508
  • Grzegorz Herman, Unambiguous functions in logarithmic space. In: Woflgang Merkle, Klaus Ambos-Spies, Benedikt Lőwe, editor, Methematical Theory and Computational Practice. 5th Conference on Computability in Europe, University of Heidelberg (2009). 162-175
  • Grzegorz Herman, Michael Soltys, A polytime proof of correctness of the Rabin-Miller algorithm from Fermat's little theorem, The Computing Research Repository (2008), abs/0811.3959
  • Grzegorz Herman, Tim Paterson, Michael Soltys, A Propositional Proof System with Quantification Over Permutations, Fundamenta Informaticae, 79 (2007), 71-83

  • some recent collaborators 
    Michael SoltysMcMaster University, Hamilton, ON

    2010 - 2012 Movement tracking in monitored zones
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      R00 0081 11
    2014 - 2017 Kolonoskopia -Innowacyjna diagnostyka

    short cv
    2005MSc (Computer Science)Jagiellonian UniversityKraków, Poland
    2009PhD (Computer Science)McMaster UniversityHamilton, ON, Canada
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