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Grzegorz Matecki


phone: (+48 12) 664 75 55
fax: (+48-12) 664 66 72
email: email
office: ul. Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Kraków
room: 3059
office hours: Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00
for students
phd thesis:[pdf]

research interests
online algorithms
computational complexity
theory of graphs and posets
asymptotic densities

selected publications
  • Tomasz Bartnicki, Bartłomiej Bosek, Sebastian Czerwiński, Jarosław Grytczuk, Grzegorz Matecki and Wiktor Żelazny,
    Additive Coloring of Planar Graphs,
    Graphs and Combinatorics, Volume 30, Issue 5, Pages 1087-1098, 2014
  • Stefan Felsner, Kamil Kloch, Grzegorz Matecki and Piotr Micek,
    On-line chain partitions of up-growing semi-orders,
    Order, Volume 30, Issue 1, 2013, 85--101
  • Bartłomiej Bosek, Tomasz Krawczyk and Grzegorz Matecki,
    First-Fit coloring of incomparability graphs,
    SIAM J. Discrete Math., 27(1), 2013, 126-140
  • Bartłomiej Bosek, Leszek Horwath, Grzegorz Matecki and Arkadiusz Pawlik,
    High performance GPGPU based system for matching people in a live video feed,
    Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IEEE-IPTA 2012), Istanbul, Turkey, 2012 October 15--18, pp. 448-453
  • Bartłomiej Bosek, Stefan Felsner, Kolja Knauer and Grzegorz Matecki,
    News about Semiantichains and Unichain Coverings,
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2012, Volume 7353, Computer Science - Theory and Applications, Pages 43-51
  • Bartłomiej Bosek, Stefan Felsner, Kamil Kloch, Tomasz Krawczyk, Grzegorz Matecki and Piotr Micek,
    On-line chain partitions of orders: a survey,
    Order, Volume 29, Number 1, 2012, Pages 49--73
  • Bartłomiej Bosek, Tomasz Krawczyk and Grzegorz Matecki,
    Forbidden structures for efficient First-Fit chain partitioning (extended abstract),
    Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, Volume 38, 1 December 2011, Pages 173-179, proc. from EuroComb 2011
  • Antoine Genitrini, Jakub Kozik and Grzegorz Matecki,
    On the density and the structure of the Peirce-like formulae,
    DMTCS proc. from Fifth Colloquium on Mathematics and Computer Science Algorithms, Trees, Combinatorics and Probabilities, 2008, pp. 461-474
  • Grzegorz Matecki (co-author), Encyklopedia Matematyka, Wydawnictwo GREG , 439 pp. (2006), ISBN 83-7517-015-1
  • Grzegorz Matecki,
    Asymptotic Density for Equivalence,
    Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science , 140(2005), 81-91

  • grants
    2005 - 2006 On-line graph coloring as a game on a bounded board
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      1 P03A 045 29
    2008 - 2008 Research on large scale mailing system
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education, S.A.
    2010 - 2012 On-line algorithms and combinatorial games
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      N206 4923 38
    2010 - 2012 Movement tracking in monitored zones
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      R00 0081 11
    2011 - 2012 Quantitative logic
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
    2012 - 2014 Coloring games on graphs and partially ordered sets
      Polish National Science Center

    short cv
    2002M.S. (computer science)Jagiellonian UniversityKrakow, Poland
    2006PhD (computer science)Jagiellonian UniversityKrakow, Poland
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