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Michał Staromiejski


phone: (+48-12) 664 75 61
fax: (+48-12) 664 66 72
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office: ul. Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Kraków
room: 3056
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research interests
Algorithms in Number Theory and Algebra
Finite commutative rings with identity

selected publications
  • Zbigniew Jelonek, Michał Staromiejski
    A note on locality of algebras,
    Journal of Algebra, 433 (2015), 231–242
  • Michał Staromiejski
    Polynomial-time locality tests for finite rings,
    Journal of Algebra, 379 (2013), 441–452
  • Michał Staromiejski
    Towards a deterministic polynomial-time algorithm for computing isomorphisms between rings of the form F_q[X]/(f)
  • Michał Staromiejski
    Computing isomorphisms between rings of the form F_q[X]/(f)

  • grants
    2014 - 2017 Kolonoskopia -Innowacyjna diagnostyka

    short cv
    2007MSc (computer science)Jagiellonian UniversityCracow
    2013PhDJagiellonian UniversityCracow
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