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Marek Zaionc


phone: (48 12) 664 6649
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office: ul. Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Kraków
room: 3066
office hours: Tuesday 10:00 - 11:30 room 3066
Thursday 10:00 - 11:00
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research interests
logics of programs,
logic programming, functional programming.
asymptotic probability in logic, computability theory,

selected publications
  • M. Bendkowski, K. Grygiel, M. Zaionc, "Asymptotic Properties of Combinatory Logic", 12th Annual Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation, LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE 9076 (2015), pp 62-72.
  • R. David, C. Raffalli, G. Theyssier, K. Grygiel, J. Kozik, M. Zaionc,
    "Asymptotically almost all $λ$-terms are strongly normalizing",
    Logical Methods in Computer Science, Vol. 9 (1:02) 2013, pp. 1–30
  • Katarzyna Grygiel, Pawel M. Idziak and Marek Zaionc,
    "How big is BCI fragment of BCK logic",
    Journal of Logic and Computation (2013), 23(3), pp 673-691
  • Herve Fournier, Daniele Gardy, Antoine Genitrini, Marek Zaionc,
    "Tautologies over implication with negative literals",
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  • Rene David, Marek Zaionc,
    "Counting proofs in propositional logic",
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  • Zofia Kostrzycka, Marek Zaionc
    "Asymptotic densities in logic and type theory",
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  • Herve Fournier, Daniele Gardy, Antoine Genitrini, Marek Zaionc
    "Classical and intuitionistic logic are asymptotically identical",
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  • Lidia Badura, Marek Zaionc,
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  • Antoine Genitrini, Jakub Kozik, Marek Zaionc
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marek Zaionc,
    "On the asymptotic density of tautologies in logic of implication and negation",
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Jan Malolepszy , Malgorzata Moczurad, Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marek Zaionc,
    "Word Operations Definable in the Typed lambda Calculus",
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marian Mrozek, Marek Zaionc,
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  • Marian Mrozek, Marek Zaionc,
    "Simulation model of evolution in simplified ecological system",
    Wiadomosci ekologiczne, vol. XXVII 1981 nr 1, pp 49-59, (In Polish, English summary)

  • some recent collaborators 
    Rene DavidUniversite de Savoie, Chambery, France
    Daniele GardyUniversité de Versailles Saint-Quentin, France

    1992 - 1995 Computer Science in Krakow
      UE project TEMPUS
    1993 - 1995 Higher order lambda definability
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
    1999 - 2000 Simple typed lambda calculs as a tool for higher order programming
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      8 T11C 018 16
    2001 - 2001 Support for Fifth International Conference of Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications
      Office of Naval Research, Pentagon, USA
    2001 - 2003 Object complexity amd asymptotic density
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      7 T11C 022 21
    2001 - 2003 Project LAMBDA, recherche coopérative en logique.
      EU grant, region Rhone-Alpes
    2004 - 2005 Project MIKOLAJ, recherche coopérative en logique computationnelle
      EU grant, region Rhone-Alpes
    2004 - 2006 Types for programs and proofs
      EU, szósty program ramowy
      Project of 35 European Universities,
      contract number 510996.
    2006 - 2008 Quantitative research in logic and functional languages
      POLONIUM grant
      Cooperation between TCS and L Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon and Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin.
    2008 - 2009 CASIMIR: Recherche coopérative en logique computationnelle
      Region Rhone-Alpes (France)
      Cooperation between Theoretical Computer Science Department and L Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon.
      2008 - 0042, 0842C312
    2009 - 2012 Quantitative study in logics and computation theory
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      N206 3761 37
    2010 - 2012 Movement tracking in monitored zones
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      R00 0081 11
    2011 - 2012 Quantitative logic
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
    2014 - 2017 Kolonoskopia -Innowacyjna diagnostyka
    2014 - 2017 Asymptotic methods in lambda calculus and combinatory logic

    short cv
    1977Master of Science in MathematicsJagiellonian UniversityKrakw, Poland
    1985PhD in mathematics University of WarsawWarsaw, Poland
    19861986-1988, visiting prof. at Department of Computer Science The University of AlabamaBirmingham, USA
    1993 Habilitation Jagiellonian UniversityKrakow, Poland.
    1994 Visiting ProfessorTechnical University of AthensAthens, Greece.
    1994 Visiting Professor, Computer Science Department,Institute National des TellecommunicationsParis, France.
    1995 One month visit at Mathematics Department University of Swansea Swansea, UK
    1995Visiting Professor, Computer Science Department,University of Buffalo,Buffalo, New York, USA
    2002One month visit at Computer Science Department,L Ecole Normale Superieure,Lyon, France.
    2003 Deputy dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland.
    2006Professor of Mathematical SciencesJagiellonian UniversityKrakow, Poland
    2006Visiting prof. at Computer Science Department,Universite de Versailles, France.
    2007One month visit at Mathematics Department at Universite de SavoieChambery, France
      webmaster: email = a@b, a=www-tcs,