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Michał Zmarz

master of science

email: email

research interests
thue sequences
algorithms & complexity theory

selected publications
  • J. Grytczuk, K. Kosiński, M. Zmarz, How to play Thue games, submitted
  • M. Zmarz, Nonrepetitive colorings of grids, unpublished manuscript, PDF
  • J. Grytczuk, K. Kosiński, M. Zmarz, Nonrepetitive colorings of line arrangements, submitted
  • J. Grytczuk, P. Szafruga, M. Zmarz, Online version of the theorem of Thue, Information Processing Letters, 113 (2013) 193-195
  • A. Pezarski, M. Zmarz. Non-repetitive 3-coloring of subdivided graphs. Electron. J. Combin., 16(1):#N15, 2008

  • grants
    2010 - 2012 Movement tracking in monitored zones
      Ministry of Science and Higher Education
      R00 0081 11
    2011 - 2012 Thue games
      Polish National Science Center

    short cv
    2007MSc (computer science)AGHKrakow, Poland
      webmaster: email = a@b, a=www-tcs,