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Jarosław Duda


fax: (+48-12) 664 66 72
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office: ul. Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Kraków
room: 149
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selected publications
  • Z. Burda, J. Duda, J. M. Luck, B. Wacław, The various facets of random walk entropy, Acta Phys. Polon. B. 41/5 (2010)
  • Z. Burda, J. Duda, J. M. Luck, B. Wacław, Localization of the Maximal Entropy Random Walk, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 160602 (2009)
  • J. Duda, Four-dimensional understanding of quantum mechanics, arXiv:0910.2724 (2009)
  • J. Duda, Asymmetric numeral systems, arXiv:0902.0271 (2009)
  • J. Duda, Combinatorial invariants for graph isomorphism problem, arXiv:0804.3615 (2008)
  • J. Duda, Complex base numeral systems, arXiv:0712.1309 (2007)
  • J. Duda, Optimal encoding on discrete lattice with translational invariant constrains using statistical algorithms, arXiv:0710.3861 (2007)
  • J. Duda, Analysis of the convex hull of the attractor of an IFS, arXiv:0710.3863 (2007)

  • short cv
    1999 - 2004MSc Computer ScienceJagiellonian UniversityKraków, Poland
    2000 - 2005MSc Mathematics (theoretical)Jagiellonian UniversityKraków, Poland
    2001 - 2006MSc Physics (theoretical)Jagiellonian UniversityKraków, Poland
    2004 - 2010PhD student (Computer Science)Jagiellonian UniversityKraków, Poland
    2006 - NowPhD student (Physics)Jagiellonian UniversityKraków, Poland
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